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7 nov. 2010


When you smile, 

all the birds stop flying,
so they can see,
the way that you're smiling.
When you laugh,
all the hearts stop sighing,
so they can hear,
the way that you're laughing... 

And then all the stars hide,
behind the big white moon,
they're shamed,
'cause they can't shine like you do.

And then the weather change,
and it's an eternal summer,
it trys to be equal,
at the hot that you're deatching...

Now I feel your leeps, 
toutching mines,
so soft, so sweet,
that I can't breath.

And this fuckin' night,
colder than the ice, 
at the moment that you kissed me it became... 

A heartless night, without any bird,
without a singel star in the sky.
A summer night, whitout any sound,
and that's all because of you, because of your kisses.

Now you go.
Can't imagin all the pain I feel,
wish I see you again, my dear,
you've changed my all life without even try it....
tonight. (Bonnie Tyler, Total eclipse of the heart)

4 comentarios:

  1. no entiendo la letra, pero la imagen me gusta mucho (:

  2. qué monona esa lunita! es hipnotizante jaja

  3. Bonita canción esa que nos has dejado :)
    te sigo!

  4. Hermosa canción, me hace acordar a las fiestas de quince en la entrada, besito (: